Postcard printed with a coloured image of a red-breasted robin, written in France on 23 August 1917, during World War I, by Private William Nairn to his sister Sarah Jackson in Corio, Victoria. He notes the announcement of the death in action of a soldier named Bradman in the Weekly Times, and hopes that his postcard 'will make one for the album for us to look at some day.' He was killed in the trenches of France on 4 July 1918.

Physical Description

Postcard printed with a full-colour image of a red-breasted robin standing on a snow-covered fence post, looking at a rural scene blanketed with snow. Printed at lower right: 'Alitter' [?]. The back of the postcard is printed with a postcard proforma, with a line down centre, which the author has written across. The postcard has minor damage at edges and corners.

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