Single page 'Family Register' relating to the Nairn family, removed from book, probably a family bible. The register provides columns for Births, Marriages and Deaths; only Births and Deaths have been filled in. The register lists:


David Mackie Nairn, born 14 Nov 1889
William John Nairn, born 16 Aug 1889
Sarah Nairn, born 1 July 1890
Edward Scott Nairn, born 15 Feb 1892
Arthur Stevens Nairn, born 25 Nov 1893
William Nairn, born 4 June 1862
Private W. J. Nairn, born 16 Aug 1889 (apparently repeated from above)


Arthur Stevens Nairn, died 10 July 1894
Mary Nairn, died 29 Aug 1901, age 16 years and 10 months
Alexander Nairn, died 20 April 1906, age 19 years
William Nairn, died 17 July 1916, age 54 years
William John Nairn, killed in action 4 July 1918
Mary Nairn, died 27 Aug 1920, age 62 years

Physical Description

Single page of heavy paper or card, removed from book. Printed in gold with heading and three columns - 'Births', 'Deaths' and 'Marriages'. Hand-writing in columns, listing names and dates of birth and death, separated by lines. The back is blank, cream-coloured, water-stained along edges and with remnant binding tape along one edge.

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