Alternative Name(s): Pin, Button

Returned from Active Service badge no. A 241568, made 1939-1945 and issued 1945-1946. It was made by Amor in Sydney. The number relates to a register of badge issues, rather than a soldier's service number; the issue date is based on the date range of the relevant register for this number.

Badges such as this one were issued to soldiers by the Department of Defence to indicate they had returned from active service. It showed they had helped the war effort by serving their country. Sometimes returned soldiers were wrongfully accused of showing disloyalty to their country because they were not seen wearing a military uniform so wearing the badge helped avoid this. A number was often stamped on the reverse and a certifcate was provided as authentication.

Physical Description

Rising sun. Anchor and wings over boomerang bearing 'RETURNED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE'.

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