Colour photograph of the dismantling of the Power House Chimney at Kodak Australasia's Coburg manufacutring plant in 2006. It was given the title 'The End of Kodak in Coburg 2006' by the photographer and former Kodak Australasia employee, Bill Byron.

Bill worked for Kodak for over 25 years, commencing at Abbotsford in 1956 in Kodachrome customer service. He later moved into quality control, before leaving the company to work in the motion film industry for 9 years. He returned to Coburg in 1975 and worked there in various roles, again relating to customer service and technical services, including industrial photography.

Description of Content

Large brick chimney, partially dismantled from top, with crane and cage to the right, semi-dismantled warehouse to the left, and a barrier fence and footpath in the foreground with a 'Slow' traffic sign leaning against a power pole.

Physical Description

Colour photograph, portrait format, with inscriptions on front.

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