Well used set of dissection instruments owned by and monogrammed AM for John McNally for use in lab and fieldwork.

Found in the strong room at Russell Street in the late 1990s.

Physical Description

A small wooden box with hinged lid containing seven dissecting tools. The lid is attached with two brass hinges on the back. On the front are two metal closures, one each end. In the centre is a lock to be operated by a key which is missing. On top of the lid is a rectangular metal plate that has been engraved with McNally's initials. This engraving has been repeated on the bone handles of four scalpels. The bottom of the box contains two sections for storing tools; the first section running lengthwise taking up one third of the width, while the second section uses two thirds of the width and contains two metal supports screwed into the bottom of the box to hold six tools. The first section contains two tools, one a spatula made of wood, and a metal tool with black ebony handle. The second section contains five scalpels with blades of varying shape and length, one with black handle, the remaining four have bone handles inscribed with initials as noted above. Inside the lid has been shaped to provide additional storage and there is one metal stay for holding at least one more tool in place. A hole nearby would indicate a second stay is missing. Both the top and bottom inside the box are lined with brown felt.

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