Electric erasing machine used in the production of exhibition design and signage at the National Museum of Victoria in the mid to late twentieth century.

Physical Description

Electric erasing machine with attached power cord housed in original box made up of three sections, bottom, top and insert with cut out, one steel erasing shield, sheath of paper for storing the erasing shield, and two small pieces of the material used for erasing. The eraser is made of mottle green coloured metal and includes a handle. Handle also includes a switch that flicks up or down. The power cord attaches at the end of the handle, and is covered in black and white cotton sheath with black three pin Bakelite plug attached. The sheath for storing the erasing shield is yellow coloured on one side, folded in the centre. This paper is coated with V.P.I., a chemical corrosion inhibitor. It will prevent rust while kept in the envelope with the erasing shield.

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