Booklet 'Pre-natal Care', featuring a photograph of a man, woman and baby on cover. It was published by the Department of Health, Victoria. The booklet contains 15 chapters including 'Pre-natal care', 'Common features of pregnancy', 'Preparing for your baby', 'Common discomforts', 'When to call the doctor or the hospital' and 'Labour - the birth of your baby.'

When the booklet was acquired a leaflet was contained within: HT 38513 - 'Guard Against Infective Hepatitis'.

Part of a collection of child-rearing publications donated by Ann Drayton, who gave birth to a son and two daughters between 1966 and 1970 and raised them in Hamlyn Heights, near Geelong. Ann is a member of the Lawrey family. Her grandparents Elizabeth and John Lawrey built 'The Uplands' homestead in the Kinglake area in the late 1890s. 'The Uplands' was well known locally and was often used by the Kinglake community as a meeting place for special events, celebrations and sporting activities.The house was one of two on this site on the Whittlesea-Kinglake Road in Kinglake that were destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires on 7 February 2009. The chimney from 'The Uplands' was collected as part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection and installed in the Forest Gallery at Melbourne Museum, to commemorate the history of bushfires in Victoria.

Physical Description

Booklet of 48 pages, featuring a photograph of a man, woman and baby in cloth on cover. Cover is printed in brown tones; remainder of text in black and white. Contents divided into chapters. Line drawings include food and the female anatomy; opposite page 5 is a photograph of a man, woman and bassinet. Patches of discolouration and surface losses on cover.

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