Menu for a 'Haggis Supper' held at the Mechanics' Hall, Wycheproof, Victoria on Tuesday 3 April 1917. The event was held as a World War I fundraiser for the 'Queen of the Anzacs, Miss McPherson' and includes dinner and a program of entertainment. Performers include Lorna and Mavis McDonald demonstrating the 'Reel O'Tulloch' wearing their traditional Scottish Highland's costumes (both costumes held in the Museum's collection). The sisters' grandparents migrated from Scotland in the 1850s and were the daughters of Neil and Annie May McDonald.

Highland dance refers to a style of athletic solo dancing which developed in the Highlands of Scotland, and is often performed to the accompaniment of Highland bagpipe music. It developed into its current form during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the context of competitions at public events, particularly the Highland games. Highland dance has been subject to many influences from outside the Highlands. For example, it has been heavily influenced by the urban aesthetics of the patrons and judges of dance competitions since the nineteenth century.

Physical Description

Cream paper menu on two separate cards printed on four sides. Text includes a menu listing and a program of entertainments.


This menu, as well as photographs and pair of costumes, demonstrate the importance of communities maintaining cultural traditions and passing on those traditions through the generations. Children's clothing with strong provenance and in excellent condition from this period are uncommon.

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