Digital copy of original photograph taken at rear of The Uplands. To the left is the bedroom wing, behind the group are the living rooms. A painted sheet is suspended in the trees with the words 'Welcome Home''; bunting along the edge of the verandah has a union jack with 'Welcome' printed.

This is the day Bert Lawrey arrived home from the war with his bride Laura, 'Uplands', 1919. From left to right: Pat Sullivan (old Irish friend), Margery, Laura, Bessie, Leo, John & Elizabeth.

This is part of a collection of family photographs that relate to 'The Uplands' homestead. The Lawrey family were early settlers in the Kinglake area and lived in 'The Uplands' homestead from the late 1890s to 1950. The chimney from 'The Uplands' forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection. 'The Uplands' was destroyed in the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.

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Group of people standing in the gateway to a house, with a large sign 'Welcome Home' hanging from the trees behind them.

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Digital image copied from a print.

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