This carved figure is Mudhead or Koyemsi. He is a clown and appears in a group or as a solo drummer during rests between Katsina dances. Engaging with the audience the clown provides amusement and social commentary in order to relieve the seriousness of some ceremonial procedures. Koyemsi was introduced by neighbouring Zuni people and may still sing in Zuni language.

Physical Description

This wooden tihu (Kachina Doll) has a round head topped with spherical nodules, pop eyes and a tubular mouth. It is painted brown to represent the mud it is named for. It's bent arms are held close to its torso which is painted brown and white. It is wearing a white kilt which is decorated on one side with a vertically stepped triangle motif. It is placed on a black painted base standing straight legged, painted brown.

Local Name

Tihu (Hopi language).

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