Rectangular printed certificate held in a thin wooden mount.

It was issued by the Wirth Bros Palais De Luxe to Mr O. Slocomb, to signify his winning of the Half Mile Speed Race Championship for roller skating in 1914.

The Wirth Bros, the proprietors of Wirth's Circus, took over an area of land in St Kilda Road, on the south bank of the Yarra in 1907. There they established a permanent home for their circus, which ran until the 1950s. They augmented this with a number of other amusement and entertainment facilities, including a dance hall, a playhouse and cinema, an ice skating rink named The Glaciarium and an indoor roller skating rink named The Palais De Luxe.

After several of the buildings burned down or fell into disrepair the State Government established it as the site of the Victorian Arts Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria.

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