Alternative Name(s): Saw Display

A large framed exhibition piece prepared within the factory of WH Blakeley at Russell Street, Melbourne, in which circular and vertical saws are artistically displayed. In the 1880s, the central circular saw component was attached to a motor so the whole thing turned.

This cabinet, and another displaying circular and vertical saws manufactured by H. Disston & Sons of Philadelphia, were exhibited by WH Blakeley at the 1884 Jubilee Exhibition and the 1888 Centennial International Exhibition. The Disston cabinet was awarded gold medals at both exhibitions; this one only received a gold medal at the 1884 Exhibition. Between the exhibitions and ever since this cabinet has been on display at the Blakeley Factory.

Physical Description

A large ebonized wooden cabinet, the inside panels lined with blue felt. Features a display of blades and saws, each one screwed to the back of the cabinet. At the centre of the display is a daisy-wheel of circular saws that used to rotate. Text is painted in gold lettering across the top panel. (This was redone by Rosalie Blakeley and Robin Hodgson in 2005.) Two paper documents - a juror's report from the 1884 Victorian Exhibition and an invitation to the closing ceremony of the 1888 Centennial International Exhibition - sit on the bottom ledge of the cabinet. The whole thing is mounted on a six-legged trestle. A modern gold plaque has been screwed to the right-hand side panel.

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