Engraved glass jug, most likely of British origin, engraved all over with a dense floral pattern. Additional post-factory engraving has been added around the rim, indicating that the jug was purchased by Mrs Bolden, the donor's great aunt, as a souvenir of the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition (MCIE). Held in the (Royal) Exhibition Building from 1 August 1888 to 31 January 1889, the MCIE celebrated 100 years of British settlement and surpassed the grand scale of the1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, attracting over two million visitors (approximately 69% of the colony's population at the time).

Souvenirs like this were common, as a number of glass engravers set up stands within the national courts to demonstrate their engraving skills.

Physical Description

Tapering cylindrical, clear glass jug with reeded-loop handle, engraved all-over with a pattern of flowers, leaves and butterflies. Engraved around the rim with text. Sticker attached to the base by donor's family.

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