Newspaper article from The Sun printed 29 June 1984, about Ausipex 84. Under the heading "All set for the stamp 'Olympics' ", readers are told of the 1982 murder of Gaston Leroux in Paris, over the procurement of a 2-cent Hawaiian Postage stamp. The article also features a photograph of Ray Chapman, president of Ausipex '84.

Ausipex was held under the auspices of: The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria; the Victorian Philatelic Associations and other Philatelic Societies; the Victorian Stamp Promotion Council, and the Australasian Stamp Dealers Association with the co-operation of Australia Post. Ausipex was the largest philatelic exhibition ever staged in Australasia. The exhibition was a combination of displays, competitive entries and trade; there were approximately 100 stands of dealers and overseas postal administrators.

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Newspaper page with articles on both sides. The relevant article is situated top left of page.

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