Copy of a medal bearing a portrait of Pope Sixtus V (1585-1590). The original medal, by Lorenzo Fragni, was struck in about 1587. This two piece electrotype copy was made circa 1881 by Robert Ready. The original medal was exhibited in the King's Library of the British Museum in 1881 and is No. 329 in the catalogue of that exhibition. It is thought that this electrotype was produced in association with that exhibition and publication and acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria where it was displayed in the late 1880s. The original medal is struck bronze gilt the electrotype copper plated and toned.

"Felice Peretti of obscure parentage, bom 1521; became a Franciscan; made cardinal of Montalto, 1570; pope, 1585. He was a man of good private character and considerable political ability: he took a violent part against the Huguenots and against the English Protestants and Queen Elizabeth, and approved the attempts of Philip II to invade England and to subdue the revolted Netherlands." King's Gallery Catalogue, 1881, p.84

Obverse Description

Bust of Sextus V facing right wearing cape and cap; around, . SIXTVS . V . PONT . OPT . MAX .; below bust in small lettering, .L . PAR .

Reverse Description

Securitas, naked to waist, seated facing right in chair before flaming altar and holding sceptre; around, SECVRITAS . POPVLI ROMANI; in exergue, . ALMA . ROMA .

Edge Description


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