Copy of a medal bearing a portrait of Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503). The original medal, by an unknown artist, was struck in about 1500. This uniface electrotype copy was made circa 1881 Robert Ready. "The notorious Rodrigo Borgia. His father was named Lenzuola, but his mother being sister to Calixtus III, Rodrigo took the family name of this pope, and was raised by him to high dignity in the Church; created cardinal, 1445. He was the most corrupt of all the members of the sacred college; elected pope on the death of Innocent VIII, 1492, he took a violent part against Savonarola, whose condemnation for heresy he pronounced; he was also, like his predecessor, opposed to the house of Aragon in Naples. Alexander died, 1503, leaving four illegitimate children, Giovanni, Cesare, Goffredo and Lucrezia." King's Library Catalogue, 1881, p.81 (but this elrctrotype is not from the medal exhibited there).

Obverse Description

Bust of AlexanderVI facing left in Papal robes, head bare; around, ALESSANDRO . VI . PONT . MAX .

Reverse Description


Edge Description


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