An 11 page souvenir booklet containing a collection of writings by Alexander Sutherland. Sutherland was commissioned by the Commonwealth Publishing Company to write an historic account of the opening of the first Federal Parliament of Australia, which took, place in the Exhibition Building, Melbourne, on 9 May 1901. Sutherland offers an eyewitness account of the royal procession and opening ceremony, and provides particulars of the commissioned artwork painted by Charles Nuttall. The pamphlet also includes Sutherland's analysis of the event in relation to global politics, including the Boer (South African) War and Jefferson's Declaration of Independence.

This pamphlet was the last piece Sutherland published, as he died on 9 August 1902. A school teacher, lecturer and journalist, Sutherland had published books about the history of Australia (1877), "Victoria and its Metropolis" (1888), biographies of Henry Kendall and Adam Lindsay Gordon for publication "The Development of Australian Literature" (1898), as well as writing for the Argus, the Australasian, the South Australian Register and the Melbourne Review in his working life.

Physical Description

Small booklet form printed in black ink on 11 pages.

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