Copy of a medal of King Francis (François) I of France. The original medal by Benvenuto Cellini, was cast in about 1537. This two piece electrotype copy was made circa 1881 by Robert Ready.This two piece electrotype copy was made circa 1881 at British Museum by Robert Ready from a bronze held by that museum (Possibly Reg: G3,FrM.73 from the collection of George III).

Obverse Description

Bust of François I facing left, bearded, wearing a cuirass, a mantle, and a laurel wreath. to left, a sceptre; around, . FRANCISCVS . I FRANCORVM . REX .

Reverse Description

A horseman (Fortune) galloping to right, holding a club aloft in his right hand; below to right, a reclining female figure (Virtue), and, to left, a globe and a rudder; around, FORTVNAM VIRTVTE DEVICIT; below exergue line in smaller lettering, .BENVENV . F .

Edge Description


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