Copy of the obverse of a medal of Pope Leo X (1513-1522). The original medal, by an unknown artist , was made in 1513. This Electrotype copy made circa 1881 by Robert Ready. The original medal was exhibited in the King's Library of the British Museum in 1881 and is No. 316 in the catalogue of that exhibition. It is thought that this electrotype was produced in association with that exhibition and publication and acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria where it was displayed in the late 1880s. The original medal is two sided cast bronze the electrotype copper plated and toned.

Leo X's "short pontificate is the most memorable in the history of Catholicism; as it was chiefly owing to the height to which Leo carried the sale of indulgences and other scandals of the Papal court, that the northern nations of Europe were revolted from the Roman doctrines and from Papal jurisdiction in spiritual matters. " King's Library Catalogue 1881, p.82

Obverse Description

Bust of Leo X facing right, in papal robes, bare-headed; around, . LEO . X . PONTIFEX . MAX .

Reverse Description

Not held (Installation of Pope. . QVEM . CREANT . ADORANT .; IN EXERGUE, ROMAE)

Edge Description


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