A souvenir ink blotter, commissioned by McAlpin's Flour to commemorate the centenary of Melbourne and Victoria, 1934-35. The unused blotter features images of Melbourne's founding fathers, John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner, a portrait of one of Victoria's earliest pioneer settlers, Edward Henty, and an image of the Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.

Physical Description

Rectangular piece of pink card, printed on one side in full colour against a black background. To the left of the blotter is a photograph of Edward Henty, framed in a green garland of leaves. In the upper right corner are two roundels in green framing drawn portraits of Batman and Fawkner. At top centre is a map of Victoria in red, to the left of which is an image of McAlpin's flour and over which is printed text. At the bottom of the blotter is an image of the Exhibition Building at night.

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