Erlikilyika (Alyelkelhayeka), also known as Jim Kite Penangke (c.1860-1930), was a Lower Arrernte man who was a gifted artist and interpreter. He accompanied Walter Baldwin Spencer and Frank Gillen on their journey 'across Australia' in 1901-2 and befriended the collector and anthropologist, Herbert Basedow. Erlikilyika became well know to those that visited the remote outpost of Charlotte Waters Telegraph Station as sculptor of Kaolinite clay using a pocket knife and wires and often coloured with local natural pigments. Clay smoking pipes with images of local identities, dingoes, horses, eagle claws, hands and eggs carved into the bowls were very popular. The surfaces of wooden artefacts by Erlikilyika featured scenes of Aboriginal life, insects and historical events. This boomerang, which depcits two Spinifex Hopping-mice (Notomys alexis) was exhibited at the Selbourne Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia in 1913.

Physical Description

Hooked boomerang.

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