Cloth-lined cardboard storage case for slide rule used to calculate conversions between different scales of measurement on a linear scale. The scales of measurement include log-log (LL), log (L), A, B, C, D, Cu, sine, tangent, cosine, power, voltage drop and efficiency. Inscription name 'C.L. Rawling'.

The object was manufactured by White & Gillespie (W & G) Record Processing Co. Pty. Ltd. The company formed in 1910 as a printing business and began manufacturing drawing instruments after World War II.

Physical Description

The storage case is made of heavy cardboard lined with a navy blue coloured cloth and has gold coloured embossed lettering of the maker's name and product identification. There is a name handwritten inside the case in black pen. One of the corners is damaged and the some of the cloth is peeling away from the cardboard surface along ove of the long edges. There is also a detached paper label that was once attached to one end of the case.

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