Two QANTAS plane tickets, stapled together, for connecting flights from Malta to Melbourne via Rome. Flight 108 from Malta to Rome and Flight 6 from Rome to Melbourne both departed on 27 March 1979. The passenger is listed as Herbert Portanier.

Herbert and Eleanor Portanier and their three year old daughter Sarah migrated from Malta to Melbourne on 27 March 1979, arriving at Tullamarine Airport on 29 March 1979. They had visited Australia in 1977 to see Eleanor's family who were already in Melbourne and enjoyed it so much they decided to return permanently. The Portaniers were assisted migrants, and Herbert already had employment arranged. The couple settled in Bentleigh and their son James was born in 1981.

Physical Description

Two 8 page aeroplane passenger tickets which have been stapled together. The covers are red with white type. the pages contain information regarding flight and babbage conditions and regulations. The final page contains passenger, flight and cost details written in red ink.


This small collection provides a valuable represention of assisted migration to Australia during the 1970s, a story little told. migrant plane journeys are difficult to portray through material culture as plane tickets and related documentation are highly ephemeral and hard to acquire.

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