Envelope addressed to Mrs C. Turnball containing nine documents: two copies of 'Bulletin 1', six copies of 'Bulletin 2 - Carda Weekly' and one copy of 'Civilian Air Raid Association'. They pertain to the Civilian Air Raid Defence Association, which operated in Melbourne and beyond during World War II. Note: Bulletin 1 is dated '13/2/41', but discussion within the document, including reference to the Japanese attack on Singapore (December 1941), indicate that this date was a typographical error.

The Civilian Air Raid Defence Association advocated for 'Bomb-proof Shelters' (heavy reinforced concrete or deep underground tunnels) for industrial and public areas. At the time the Victorian Government was encouraging individual home-owners to build back-yard shelters (such as the Anderson Shelter) rather than engaging in wide-spread building of, or reliance on, public shelters.

Physical Description

Long brown envelope, sealed at the left end. Recipient's address is typed on the obverse, which also bears a postmark and two cancelled stamps. The first stamp is orange, worth 1/2 d and features a kangaroo/wallaby. The second stamp is maroon, worth 1 d. and features Queen Elizabeth, wife of George VI (mother of Elizabeth II). 'BULLETIN 1' (two copies) is a single typed sheet. It has been folded in half and half again. Copy 1 has a vertical crease 1/3 in from the left side. The paper has a watermark of '524 BOND'. Copy 2 has an attachment approximately 1/4 in size stapled to the top left corner. There is some light spotting on the reverse of this copy. 'BULLETIN No. 2' (six copies) is a single sheet, also folded into near fourths. It has been folded horizontally at the centre and then each half folded again toward the centre line. There is a letter head though the rest of the document is typed on both the obverse and reverse. 'Civilian Air Raid Association' (one copy) consists of three typed sheets, single-sided, held together by a staple in the top left corner. The first sheet is lighter and narrower than the subsequent 2. The second and third sheets are numbered at the top.

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