Notice issued by the City of Hawthorn under the approval of the State Emergency Council for Civil Defence outlining the nature of air attacks, the siren signals and the response. It details types of bombs that might be dropped, distinguishes between the different signals, explains the use of sectors and describes what citizens should do in different circumstances. The District and Sector Air Raid Wardens and their contact details are identified. Attached to the top left corner is an additional notice from the Metropolitan Gas Company that instructs citizens what to do with gas appliances during a raid.

Physical Description

Notice printed in black ink on yellowed card outlining air raid precautions. The sector number and warden's name have been added after printing, typed in blue ink. The top right corner has the seal of the City of Hawthorn. The top has two holes for mounting. A smaller piece of paper, printed in red, is glued to the top left, not quite at the corner. Attachment is 102mm wide x 64mm high. There is some discolouration and creasing at the edges of the card and light spotting on both sides.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Public Life & Institutions, Home & Community

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Rosalind Wallis, 10/01/2013

  • Issued By

    City of Hawthorn, 1939-1945

  • Printer


  • Authorised By

    State Emergency Council for Civil Defence

  • Person Named

    Mr T F. Brennan - City of Hawthorn

  • Person Named

    C. H. Lumley - City of Hawthorn

  • Person Named

    W. B. Hall - Hawthorn City Council

  • Organisation Named

    The Metropolitan Gas Company

  • Person Named

    J. I. Crane - Metropolitan Gas Company

  • Inscriptions

    Main document: 'STATE EMERGENCY COUNCIL FOR CIVIL DEFENCE (VICTORIA)/ CITY OF HAWTHORN/AIR RAID PRECAUTIONS/ The main objectives of enemy action in an AIR RAID [Bold] are:--- / (a) To cause damage and personal injury. / (b) To disrupt essential services and restrict the output of munitions./ (c) To induce panic./ As far as possible, provision is made against these objectives and Citizens are advised and urged: / TO AVOID PANIC : TO KEEP CALM. [Bold & Underlined] / NOTE CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING:--- [Bold] (This knowledge is valuable in time of emergency ). / [8 points follow] / DISTRICT WARDEN'S OFFICE, District Warden T.F. BRENNAN / Town Hall, Address, 40 Power Street/ Hawthorn. / Telephone: Haw.2651 / Your premises are situate in Sector No. .......8............./Your Sector Warden is...C.H.LUMLEY 140 Power St. Hawthorn [Typed post-printing] Telephone....Haw.5101 [Typed post-printing] / Your nearest Warden's Post is............. Telephone.........../........../ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION [Bold & Underlined] /.............../................./ Issued by the authority of the Hawthorn City Council, with the approval of the State/ Emergency Council for Civil Defence./ Town Hall, Hawthorn, ---Tel. W.A. 1201. W.BROAD HALL, Town Clerk. / KEEP THIS DISPLAYED IN A PROMINENT POSITION [Bold & Underlined] / A.A. COOK THE PRINTER, 317 Burwood Road, Hawthorn'. Attachment: 'THE METROPOLITAN GAS COMPANY/ Air Raid Precautions [Bold] / [Remainder is in italics] If an "ALERT" is sounded, / immediately turn off Gas supply at Meter. [last word underlined] / After the "ALL CLEAR" is given see / that all control taps on each appliance in / use are in the off position before turning [last 2 words underlined]/ [first 5 words underlined] on the Gas at Meter Learn the correct / method of re-lighting appliances, particu- / larly those fitted with pilots. / J.I. CRANE, Secretary'.

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    Military history, Civilian life, Air raid precautions

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    247 mm (Width), 385 mm (Height)

  • References

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  • Keywords

    World War II, 1939-1945, Air Raid Precautions, Publications, Emergency Services, Municipal Government