Presentation Cover issued by Australia Post in Melbourne, 14 May 2013, during the World Stamp Fair held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, 10 -15 May 2013.
The cover commemorates the issue of the George V design stamp in December 1913, just six months after the Kangaroo & Map design was issued.
The cover includes a facsimile of the letter from Postmaster General Wynne to the Hon. L. E. Groom, Minister for Trade and Customs. The facsimile letter includes a printed example of the George V stamps.
Stamp design: John White, Australia Post Design Studio. Cover design: Sonia Young: Australia Post Design Studio.

Physical Description

Facsimile letter on cream coloured paper with purple typewritten text and red printed letterhead, and a King George V 1 Penny stamp. The envelope is in red tones and includes purple typewritten text. The cover includes a 2013 Kangaroo & Map Centenary 10 dollar stamp, a George V postmark, and explanatory text. On the reverse is a sepia portrait of Agar Wynne. The issue number is 3668/5000. The set is housed in a plastic wallet.

More Information