First day cover issued to commemorate the career of the racehorse Black Caviar. Issued by Australia Post in Melbourne, 10 May 2013 to accompany an exhibition of Black Caviar trophies and memorabilia at the World Stamp Fair held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, 10 -15 May 2013.Stamp design: David Cain, ESP. Cover design: Sonia Young, Australia Post Design Studio.
The six-year old mare, Black Caviar, known as the Wonder from Down Under, retired from racing on 17 April 2013, after an extraordinary career of 25 wins from 25 starts.
The distinctive colours of jockey silks, salmon and black dots, have been used in an extensive range of commercially available merchandise. The philatelic products design uses a variation of this, using white or brown dots instead of black.

Physical Description

Obverse: Printed envelope with 60 cent Black Caviar stamp. The stamp shows Black Caviar turning to her right; she wears a blue bridle. The background of the stamp is the distinctive salmon colour of the jockey silks with white spots. The stamp is postmarked Black / Caviar / First day of issue / 10 May 2013 VIC 3000. There are 5 dots above the word Black. The left side of the envelope is printed in a salmon-coloured design overprinted with Black / Caviar and five brown dots. Reverse: Printed information about Black Caviar. Design credits. Standard Australia Post logos.

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