Pamphlet entitled 'Dairy Farming in Australia', published by the Commonwealth of Australia Immigration Office in Melbourne in 1924. The pamphlet aims to promote the dairy farming industry in Australia to prospective immigrants in order to increase rural settlement in Australia. Attracting British migrants to Australia to settle on the land was a key priority for Australian immigration schemes at this time, particularly with the launch of the Empire Settlement Scheme in 1922, which offered assistance and land packages to immigrants from the United Kingdom with varying degrees of success. The pamphlet includes information about the dairy industry, images of dairying activities and an invitation for apply for further information from Australia House in London.

Physical Description

Four page pamphlet which folds to DL size and has extra flap of information on right side. Front cover is in full colour featuring a Daryl Lindsay print of a pastoral scene with cows and gum trees. When completely folded the front and reverse covers are identical except for a logo on the back of a white Australia with 'Land of Opportunity' printed across it. Inside pages have black and white text and images .


This pamphlet offers important insights into Australian migration policies and promotional activities during the 1920s, a period when enticing British agricultural settlement was a key priority, along with attracting farm and domestic workers. The pamphlet also demonstrates the clear preference for British migration, in line with Australia's White Australia policy.

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