Similar in nature to the information regarding ‘German Ruses’ (ST 40580.23) the booby trap warnings inform the troops of the likelihood and the nature of booby traps in areas recently occupied by the German forces. The same areas as the ‘German Ruses’ notice are highlighted – dugouts and souvenirs etc. – with the addition of water to the list of places likely to contain traps.

Once again the Allied troops are advised to be cautious and to notify the experts of suspected traps so that they can be disabled safely.

Part of the collection of World War I memorabilia donated by Sergeant John Lord (#6252), although it is believed that not all of the material relates to his own war service.

John Lord was 19 years old when he enlisted with the Australian Imperial Forces in June 1915. Originally part of the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital, 11th Reinforcement; Lord was transferred to the 13th Australian Field Ambulance upon its formation in February 1916. He subsequently moved to the headquarters of the Assistant Director of Medical Services, 4th Division, in December 1918 where he seems to have spent the remainder of the war. Although listed as ‘effective abroad,’ Lord returned to Australia on 30 October 1919, and was discharged from service on 12 March 1920. He died in 1951.

Physical Description

Two A4 sheets of paper with typed text.

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