Photograph of an invoice dated 7th Dec 1877 for a Stripper, castings on axle and winnowing machine sold to Nathaniel McKay. Hand note on the invoice suggests that the machine purchased may have been used by H.V. McKay in the development of the first prototype stripper harvester.

The photograph is part of the extensive H.V. McKay Sunshine Collection, which consists of photographs, films, business and personal archives, artefacts, plans, oral histories and trade literature spanning from 1884 to the present.

Description of Content

Copy of an invoice to Nathaniel McKay dated December 7th 1877 of a Stripper. Handwritten on this invoice is a note "I think that this Stripper may have been partly used for the first harvester". Photograph is published in the souvenir booklet published by McKay Massey Harris in 1954: '70 Years - The story of seventy years development of one of Australia's great industries'

Physical Description

Black and white photograph.

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