Baby blanket belonging to Bul Ayuel Bulkoch, a Sudanese refugee who migrated to Australia at the age of 13 in 1996. It was purchased for him by his mother when he was a baby in 1983 and saved by her to demonstrate to Bul's future wife that he was raised with care and wanting for nothing. She kept it throughout the family's years of relocation in a small suitcase with her husband's qualifications and certificates and whenever they had to flee: her priority was always to keep these possessions safe.

Bul Bulkoch was born in southern Sudan in 1983 in the same year the war in Sudan began. Bul and his family fled Sudan, trekking through Ethiopia, back to Sudan and finally to Kenya, residing in refugee camps until finally successfully gaining acceptance to Australia as refugees. Bul was 13 when he arrived in Australia in 1996 with his parents, younger sister and brothers. When he arrived at Melbourne International Airport, he had only the clothes he was wearing. As an Australian teenager, Bul played basketball, made many friends, and completed his secondary education at Footscray City College. He went on to complete his university engineering degree and now works for Rio Tinto in Western Australia as a mining engineer and planner.

Physical Description

Cotton woven baby's blanket, orange and white geometric patterns with white fringing down two sides and orange fringing down two sides.

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