Contract of sale marked 'Copy' for Lot 197 at the Naval Base Port Estate, issued to John Thomas Talbot by Orchard Planters (Australia) Pty Ltd as agents for Mr George Henry Stacey, dated 10 December 1918.

The Naval Base Port Estate was one of several land sales of subdivisions that occurred at Bittern and Cribb Point with the construction of the Naval Base. While the completion of the Naval Base did see increased development of the area, it was as emerging townships rather than a centre of industry which was how it was promoted to investors.

In their pitch to investors Orchard Planters Pty Ltd billed the area as 'the Portsmouth of Australia' with the proximity of the Flinders Naval Base and Bittern Railway Station and development of the naval base given as reasons the land would rapidly increase in value. However on visiting their new investment many purchasers felt the value of the land, both actual and potential, had been inflated. By 1922 Orchard Planters Pty Ltd was in liquidation and many investors were suing the company claiming misrepresentation of the value, position and money already expended on the estate.

John Thomas Talbot served with the AIF in World War I, joining in 1914 and being discharged in August 1918 with Trachoma. Five of his brothers, one sister and two of his brothers- in-law enlisted and saw service in World War I, with two of his brothers being killed at the front.

Although born and raised in Moyston, Victoria, two of John's sisters and his mother were living in South Melbourne in 1918 and it appears he was living with or near them when he made this purchase. Whether he purchased the land as an investment or with the intention of living there is unknown. He passed away in Melbourne in 1958.

Physical Description

Grey foolscap size contract consisting of two pages, printed on both sides, the contract has been folded into four. There is extensive typed black text with details completed in black ink.

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