Eight-page official program for the Defence Department Clothing Factory Carnival and Art Union held at the Royal Exhibition Building to help the Australian Comforts Fund.

The Australian Comforts Fund was formed on during World War I on 24 August 1916. Taking as their motto 'Keep The Fit Man Fit', the Australian Comfort Fund was primarily concerned with sending 'comforts' (i.e. tobacco, magazines, extra clothing etc.) to the Australian troops serving overseas in World War I. The Australian Comforts Fund officially closed on 16 April 1920, although it was briefly re-initiated in 1939 for World War II.

The official program of events for the carnival outlines the various events that will be taking place over the three days (the carnival ran from 1-3 June 1918) along with advertising for various foodstuffs, clothing and accessories. Companies that advertised in the program placed particular emphasis on being either affordable or suitable for those fighting overseas (or both). One company even used 'For the Home and the Trenches' as its major sales pitch.

Physical Description

Brown half-letter sized booklet with black ink print. Main body of the text is advertisements.


The program provides insight into one important local activities of World War I: fund-raising, in this case within the large and prestigious venue of the Exhibition Buildings. (Just months later, the building would be used to house people suffering the Spanish influenza pandemic that arrived in Melbourne in late January 1919 - a tragic book-end to World War I.)

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