War Loan agreement for £18,000,000 issued by the Commonwealth of Australia in 1940, during World War II, and supported by the Australian Loan Council.

The document provides for two different bond agreements and sets out the repayment methods. The individual can either opt for 3 3/8% repaid over five years or 3 5/8% repaid over ten or 16 years. The remainder of the document details the terms and conditions of the loan and the time frame for the application for a bond to be made.

In the top right corner of the document is a purple ink stamp for 'F.W. Holst & Co.' a stockbroker based in Melbourne that was still in operation in 2012.

Physical Description

Black and white printed government legal (337mm x 213mm) sized document folded to form a booklet, detailing a £18,000,000 war loan agreement. Purple stockbroker's ink stamp on the top right corner. Document shows evidence of being folded in three places.

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