1 Keping, Issued by Malaysia, Singapore, Sultana, 1804

Obverse Description

Arms of British East IndiaCompany; around above, ISLAND OF SULTANA; below, 1804

Reverse Description

Malay inscription with the date 1219 below

Edge Description



'Singapore Merchants' Tokens: There was no dominant native currency in Singapore until the formation Straits Settlements in 1826. The Spanish Dollars was unit of account although a variety of other coins circulated. The East India Company's official Keping coins of 1804 for Sumatra was widely used in Singapore and then neighbouring areas. In order to provide an acceptable coinage, Singapore merchants began to issue their own tokens closely copying the East India Company's official Keping in 1828. The Singapore merchants changed the name of their tokens intended for Sumatra trade from "Island of Sumatra" to " Island of Sultana".'

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