Comprehensive, illustrated catalogue of products manufactured for export by W. Tyzack, Sons & Turner Ltd. The catalogue is in 5 sections:
A: General Agricultural Section - Scythes & Fittings, Garden Hoes, Hay Knives, Sickles and Hooks, Reaper & Mower Sections, Chaff Cutting Machine Knives, Turnip Cutter & Slicer Knives & Barrel Plates, Cultivator Points & Shares, Horse Hoe Blades, Machine Sickles Complete, Plough Breasts & Fittings, Circular Coulters, Plough & Harrow Discs, etc. (86 pages)
B: Steel - High-Speed Steel and Crucible Steel for all kinds of Engineers', Ship-builders' and Machine Tools. This section has a coloured plate showing a steel tempering diagram for various tools. (5 pages)
C: Files and Rasps (12 pages)
D: Hand Saws - In addition to illustrations and specifications of the various types of hand saws made, this section also contains a 2 page written description of how hand saws are manufactured. (44 pages)
Q: This section has other tools such as Hammers (Sledge, Engineers', Mining, Granite, Quarry, Boilermakers'), Chisels, Picks, Spanners, Wrenches, Farriers' Knives, Plasterers' Trowels, and Rubber Tapping Knives & Gouges. (18 pages)


'W. TYZACK, SONS, & TURNER, LTD., Sheffield'

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