Homemade (in Australia) wooden box with set of Brandes "Superior" headphones. homemade aerial coil, Emmco vernier dial, cats-whisker detector. Late 1920s.

Wooden box is larger than necessary - probably first used for something else.

Physical Description

Brown wooden box (rough finish) with plywood panel on top carrying a transparent cylinder with brass fittings (crystal detector), dial and four metal screw terminals for aerial, earth and headphones. Two small windows on either side of the centre of the dial allowed the user to write the names of stations. Turning the dial reveals a faded patch centred between the 50 and 60 marks (preseumably this was a regular setting when in use. Pair of earpieces mounted on a headband with flexible cable, terminated with a pair of pin plugs. Earpieces are made of metal and bakelite. Each earpiece has two terminals which are connected in series using a Y shaped cable. The headband is made of two fabric covered spring wires and metal plated adjusters. As found, the adjusters are at their widest setting (big head?).

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