This handbag is made in the style of a looped string bag but pandanus and the coiling technique are used. The single plaited handle is called danjbik kunyarl berldukkang, which translates as "three strand arms tied up". A row of laced stitching has been added to the purple band.

Physical Description

A coiled handbag made of pandanus. It has three bands of undyed and dyed (brown) pandanus and a row of with lace stitch in the centre. The two braided handles are attached to the rim on opposite sides of the bag.

Local Name

djerrh baladjdji kunngobarn


The single plaited handle used in this pandanus bag is typical of the type made by Eileen Nabegeyo as well as Joscelyn Maralngura and Heather Nawirridj, all fibre artists at Gunbalanya.

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