In this pandanus bag by Jill Nganjmirra open space is created by plaiting the working strips together. It is made with a combination of knots, single coil rows and two sections of braids knotted together, altogether known as djerrh miledubbeh dja milekarrhkarr. At Injalak Arts and Crafts the objects that are the most diverse and rich in complexity are pandanus bags, comparable to a western handbag. They have their origins in the string bag, which has been used as an object in Gunbalanya pre dating mission times.

Jill Nganjmirra's main artistic practice is fibre but she is also a painter using Arches paper and bark. She was Assistant Curator of the exhibition Twined Together: Kunmadj Njalehnjaleken.

Physical Description

Handbag, coiled, knotted and plaited, with dyed pandanus (orange, purple, green and brown) and undyed pandanus. It is made with a combination of knots, single coil row and two section of braids knotted together. The two plaited single string handles are attached towards the middle of the bag on opposite sides.

Local Name

djerrh miledubbeh dja milekarrhkarr

More Information