Jill Nganjmirra is the creator of figurative floral patterns called kunngobarn mannguy marnbuyindanj and this basket is the first of those works. The badjkit basket has been coiled, and the floral design of dyed pandanus emnates from the centre of the base.

Physical Description

Badjkit basket, coiled, with floral design of dyed pandanus (purple, yellow, green). The braided pandanus handle is attached in the middle of the bag on opposite sides.

Local Name



This floral pattern was Jill's idea and this piece the first example. It then appeared in the work of some of her sisters. They all worked together at Mamadawerre outstation sharing both the collecting and preparation of the pandanus, and shared each other's ideas.Jill Nganjmirra's main artistic practice is fibre but she is also a painter using Arches paper and bark. She was Assistant Curator of the exhibition Twined Together: Kunmadj Njalehnjaleken.

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