Embroidered postcard showing an inverted horseshoe with the national flags of the United Kingdom, France, Imperial Russia, Belgium and Italy arranged in a semi circle extending from behind it. The postcard was sent to 'Frank' from 'Uncle Charley', probably during Frank's service in Europe during World War I.

According to the Australian War Memorial, the popularity of embroidered postcards (first made for the Paris Exposition in 1900) peaked during World War I. Many were 'embroidered by French women in their homes and then sent to the factories for cutting and mounting on postcards'. Common themes included family, remembrance, liberty, unity and war souvenirs.

Physical Description

Embroidery of a pansy above three flowers with red centres and white petals attached to a branch that extends through an upsidedown horseshoe with five flags arranged in a semi-circle behind it.

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