This baby basket by Doreen Nabulwad has been coiled with alternate solid horizontal bands of dyed and undyed pandandus. Baby baskets were encouraged during mission times and are long oval-shaped baskets with a handle that goes across from the middle of the two long sides.

Doreen Nabulwad's baskets are tightly coiled with an even surface, mostly in bowl and saucepan forms. She works with a smaller palette of dyed colours and her work was included in the 2003 exhibition 'Woven Form: Contemporary Basket Making in Australia' at Object Gallery in Sydney.

Physical Description

Baby basket, coiled, with alternate solid horizontal bands of dyed pandandus (pink, orange, green and brown) and undyed pandandus. It has two short rigid coiled handles that emerge from the last two coils at the top of the basket.

Local Name

dedjkuyeng kunmadj wurdyawken

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