Kunwinjku women create their own recognisable designs and Marlene Buranali is the primary user of the 'double-stitch' in evidence on the side of this basket. Marlene also creates the floral pattern in her work, a design that was first created by her sister Jill Nganjmirra. It is now a signature style of the Kunwinjku women of Mamadawere outstation demonstrating how closely related women work together in their fibre practice. While their work reveals the sharing of ideas, each woman will also create her own individual and recognisable styles and forms.

Physical Description

Basket, coiled, with horizontal bands of dyed pandanus (purple, orange, grey, white) divided by a vertical section of double-stitching on the side of the work. The swivel handle is attached in the middle of the basket on opposite sides.

Local Name



Marlene comes from a family of fibre artists, she often includes double stiching in her coiled works which adds greater texture. Her work was featured in Object #45, December 2004 and this basket features in the publication '500 Baskets: Celebration of the Basketmakers Art' (2006).

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