Leanne Guymala's basket has a conical form but has been open coiled and has a handle normally placed on flat bottomed baskets. Classically conical baskets have been made using a twining techniques though in recent years artists have experimented with different techniques and practices and these baskets are more often being made to be viewed, rather than used.

Leanne Guymala is one of four sisters, all daughters of the artist Spider Namirrki and all well established fibre artists. Leanne's mother was Molly Naborhlborhl. She makes a variety of coiled forms and experiments with combinations of techniques.

Physical Description

Conical basket, open coiled, with horizontal bands in alternating colours of dyed pandanus (purple, green and orange) made with a flat-bottom. It has a single long rigid handle of three coil bundles and emerges from the last coil bundle at the rim.

Local Name

milebulbbe badjkid

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