The pattern created by small units of contrasting colour is called miledahdadjmiken or chopping colour. Margaret Djogiba uses this in her twined conical pandanus basket, a traditional basket used pre missionary times in Gunbalunya. Baskets such as these served many different purposes and often their form was determined by their function, such as for honey collection.

Margaret is one of the foremost fibre artists in western Arnhem Land and her signature style is the creation of the earliest known classic forms of twined conical baskets made from pandanus. She is also well known for her twined mats that, like the conical baskets, incorporate an element of three-stranded twining. Margaret was one of the few artists to participate in the Twined Together workshops held at Museum Victoria and was commissioned to produce work for the touring exhibition, Re-Coil.

Physical Description

Conical basket, twined, with horizontal bands of dyed pandanus of two colours (pink and orange). It has a multistrand handle of vegetable fibre string attached onto one side of the basket.

Local Name

bulbbe kunngobarn

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