The classic form of basket made in Arnhem Land is the conical form made with pandanus using the twining technique. A distinguishing feature in this basket is the use of three stranded twining to create raised horizontal paralell band that extend around its outer surface, and in this instance continue all the way to the bottom. This band does not continue around the entire circumference of the band and the space created at the 'back' is where the basket rests against the body when in use. This feature is found in historic baskets in museum collections and is usually only done by older women today, and are not often sold through Injalak Arts and Crafts. The two ply string used in the handle is most likely spun from the inner bark of the Kurrajong.

Physical Description

Conical basket, twined, with horizontal bands of dyed pandanus (pink, orange and yellow) divided by double rows of three strand twining creating plain space. The handle is made of multistrand vegetable fibre string.

Local Name

bulbbe kunngobarn


Ruby Billidja is known for making older style conical twined baskets with three strand twining. In the past, during mission times she made lidded baskets. Ruby was married to the famous western Arnhem Land bark painter, the late Wally Mandarrk.

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