Baskets with open structures for the body and bottom such as this are known as badjkid/djerrh. In this basket by Leanne Guymala dyed pandanus has been used in a curl stitch to create horizontal bands of colour. The way the women work with the naturally sourced dyes in the Gunbalanya area is one of the distinguishing factors that seperates their work from others in Arhnem land. The colours used in this basket come from a wet season palette and the intensity of the colours is determined by the amount of dyestuff and the amount of raw material placed in the dye bath.

Leanne Guymala is one of four sisters, all daughters of the artist Spider Namirrki and all well established fibre artists. Leanne's mother was Molly Naborhlborhl. She makes a variety of coiled forms and experiments with combinations of techniques.

Physical Description

Basket, coiled, with lace stitch in dyed pandanus (pink and orange). The three coil handle is made with a dyed pandanus (pink) crossover, attached in the middle of the bag on opposite sides.

Local Name

badjkid djerrh

More Information