This canoe basket by Leanne Guymala employs cross coiling, with solid bands divided by cross pattern of dyed pandanus. It has a braided handle, adjoined to two open coils. The colours used come from a wet season palette and the intensity of the colours is determined by the amount of dyestuff and the amount of raw material placed in the dye bath. As all materials used to produce colours are derived from natural sources, seasonal variation of plant growth affects the availability of dyes.

Leanne Guymala is one of four sisters, all daughters of the artist Spider Namirrki and all well established fibre artists. Leanne's mother was Molly Naborhlborhl. She makes a variety of coiled forms and experiments with combinations of techniques.

Physical Description

Canoe basket, coiled, with solid bands divided by cross pattern of dyed pandanus (pink and orange). The handle is braided with dyed pandanus (green) adjoined to two open coils (dyed pink pandanus) attached in the middle of the bag on opposite sides.

Local Name

dedjkuyeng gubunj

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