This coiled saucepan basket uses only plain pandanus and green made from pandanus. Noeline Nayilibidj works at Mamadawerre outstation and her prefered technique is coiling. She produces bold geometric designs in her work, and like other Kunwinjku women today, makes baskets and bowls resembling household items. This one is a popular form with its handles on opposite sides resembling a saucepan known by the Kunwinjku term 'djabbilarna'. The large surface of this form allows for experimentation with colour and patterning, the rows often being stitched closely and tightly to intensify the colour.

Physical Description

Saucepan basket, coiled, with horizontal bands of dyed pandanus (green and yellow) and undyed pandanus. The two, single coil side handles are attached in the middle of the basket on opposite sides.

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