Remnant of sheet of lined paper, signed by musicians Warren (Piggy) Morgan and Phil Manning of the band Pilgrimage; Glyn Mason and Billy Thorpe have also signed the paper.

Piggy Morgan, a pianist, and Billy Thorpe, a singer/songwriter, were also in the Aztecs; Glyn Mason and Phil Manning (both guitar and vocals) were also in Chain.

Janet Pathe obtained the signatures on 10 November 1971, while a school girl in Form 4 (Year 10) at Werribee High School (now Werribee Secondary College). They visited her school. Janet recalls that a fee was charged for entry, and although she didn't have the money she managed to get in anyhow. The musicians played a 'mini concert' in a classroom without microphones or percussion.

As the musicians were walking back to their car, Janet says, 'the groupie in me came out', and she and other students ran after them. She saw a piece of paper on the ground, picked it up and asked for their autographs. She saved it for many years, kept in a trunk within the pages of the family Bible.

Physical Description

Remnant of sheet of lined paper, with lower half torn away. Four signatures in red biro on one side, with date and place written in blue biro beneath. On reverse, simple drawing of a truck. Paper is drilled with three holes for folder, and reverse has been ruled with red lines to create margins. Paper has been folded many times, and has particular discolouration on one face and one fold line.


The page of musicians' autographs is significant in two ways. It is a rare survivor of youth experience, reflecting a fleeting moment of opportunity when autographs were sought from musicians, using found materials. The donor was carrying neither pen nor paper when she obtained the signatures. The torn scrap of discarded paper on which they were written immediately became one of her treasures, stored within the pages of her family's Bible for safekeeping. The autographs are a visceral connection to the world of popular culture and music in the early 1970s.

The autographs also document a brief but significant moment in the history of popular music in Australia. On that day, musicians representing several of Australia's leading bands came together to perform a short acoustic set at a local school: the Aztecs, Chain and Pilgrimage. Musicians Warren (Piggy) Morgan, Phil (Manning), Glyn Mason and Billy Thorpe performed. The choice of a school would have reflected the band's fan base and provided a public relations opportunity.

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